Zilla Parker believes undiagnosed mental illness is one of the biggest dangers facing society.

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The Toronto mother of two fell victim to this very danger on September 16, 2013. Dominic, her 45 year-old husband, was brutally stabbed to death in a random attack at a Toronto cafĂ© by a mentally ill man, who was known to police.

Dominic’s death forever shattered the safe world in which Zilla had raised her two teenage daughters, Ryla and Brenna. Zilla, however, remains determined and steadfast in finding sense in this tragedy. 

In the interests of public safety, Zilla is petitioning Ontario's Chief Coroner Dr. Dirk Huyer, to hold an inquest into her husband's death; not to lay blame, but rather to identify what changes can be made to our health care system to better diagnose and treat mental illness in the early stages, so that other tragedies can be prevented.